Dream Chef was born from Chef Stefano Bellini’s innovative idea. After spending many years in high-level catering, bringing him a lot of satisfaction, Stefano decided to give everyone the chance to reach their gastronomic dream. In 2015 he opened two large professional kitchen laboratories and made them available to professionals and amateurs for helping them develop their businnes or for organizing all kind of events: cooking classes, team building activities, private dinners, show cooking with the Chef and much more.

Dream Chef is the first true gastronomic incubator in Florence. But what is a GASTRONOMIC INCUBATOR? It’s a place where companies and people can find the perfect tools and spaces for developing a gastronimc idea and make it real. How does it work? Everyone can book the whole kitchen or just a part of it for a medium-long period or, at least, until the project is fully developed and finalized. For example, there should be the need to test new organic sauces before the mass production, as it happened between Dream Chef and Soopasta. Once the product is fine tuned and it has been developed a good network for the sale, the company can open its own production headquarter, investing what it obtained during the start-up phase! In United States this concept had already developed: you can rent everything you may nedd, even a single burner. Infact it happens frequently that, in just one kitchen – or incubator, there are more companies working simultaneously on their own activity. This concept in Italy is not very popular yet. Infact Stefano Bellini, who lived Chicago for many year with his American mother and grandmother, decided to import in our Country this revolutionary idea.

But Dream Chef is more! In our kitchens everything related to gastronomic and culinary world finds the way to become reality. Our spaces are multi-functional and interlocking: they can transform in a Meeting Room, in a small "restaurant" where guests cook with the Chef or where they can assist to a show cooking experience, in a KITCHEN ACADEMY in which amateurs or professionals can follow cooking classes, discover new recipes and have fun together. Our kitchens are completely customizable for your events: birthdays, dinners with friends, cooking classes, corporate Team Building activities, Team Cooking and much more.

Dream Chef also produces its own: the CATERING remains our strength thanks to the twenty-year experience of Chef Stefano Bellini. We plan your event to the smallest details: from the choice of the personalized Menu, to the choice of the Location, from the set-ups to the service. We help our customers to realize unforgettable events. We remain however dreamers! That's why we came up with a new service, the SMART CATERING. What is it? A different way of conceiving traditional catering. We prepare in our laboratories the Menu agreed with the client and we deliver it in single-use eco-chic boxes at time and place desired. Zero stress, zero additional costs, zero environmental impact. The client pays just the cost of food, always presented impeccably.

It could happen that you see a bicycle that is powered by solar panels and that emanates a good smell of food... that's us again! It's one of our FOOD BIKE, born from a brilliant idea of ​​our friend and collaborator Leonardo Barbiero. We cook sandwiches, hot-dogs, vegetarian and ethnic menus, lampredotto. We are equipped for every eventuality and for every type of fair. It is also possible to rent them for private events. They are truly beautiful to the eye and deliver an important message: attention to the environment and to the fast but healthy food.

If it did not seem like that is already enough ... we'll tell you a secret! In Piazza Savonarola in Florence, in a prestigious location called Villa Rossa, is located the SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY in Florence. Dream Chef, since 2016, has taken over the Bar Cafeteria inside the school. Everyday we serve hundreds of students and collaborators: a small paradise to which we belong. And of which we are particularly proud of since our Chef has American roots.